Thursday, October 06, 2005

Sign Language

How do mathematicians communicate?
Sine language.

How do hyperbolic mathematicians communicate?
Hypersine language.

How do biblical prophets communicate?
Heavenly Sign language.

How do astrologers communicate?
Star Sign language.

How did the Israelites in the Promised Land communicate?
Zion language.

How do picketing traffic engineers communicate?
Sign language.

How do naval cadets communicate?
Ensign language.

How do couturiers communicate?
Design language.

How do lighthouse keepers communicate?
Shine language.

How do real estate closers communicate?
Sign Here and Sign Here and Sign Here and Sign Here and sign...

How does everyone communicate on December 31st?
Old Lang- syne -uage.

How did Gertrude communicate at the Bavarian Oktoberfest?
She used Stein language.

How do heirs communicate?
Scion language.

How do lovers communicate?
Sighin' language.

How do tech writers talk?

[Thanks to Marsha Coleman]

2 Rides

A man took a ride in a stunt plane. The pilot dove and spun,
putting the plane through its entire repertoire. When they landed
the passenger gasped, "Thank you for the rides!"

"That was only one ride," said the pilot.

"I'll call it two." said the man. "My first and my last!"

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