Saturday, October 01, 2005

New Definitions

In a contest in The Washington Post, readers were asked to take an
_expression using a number, add or subtract one, and create a new

The Year 2001 Problem
How to find jobs for all those programmers hired to solve the Year
2000 problem.

Complete the previous catch before proceeding to this step.

Fortune 501
Levi Strauss makes the list, but just by the seat of its pants.

Dressed to the Eights
Impeccably attired with white socks.

Six Brides for Seven Brothers
Someone's gonna get hurt !

Snow White and the Eight Dwarfs
The title, before they expelled Gassy.

Five Eyes
Other kids can be so cruel when you are Siamese twins, and one of
you is wearing a monocle.

The mark on the forehead of Satan's slightly less evil brother,

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