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Friday, November 25, 2005

How to Deal With Loneliness

How to Deal With Loneliness

People feel lonely for a number of reasons, such as not having enough friends, not knowing how to be close to the people you know, or simply because being lonely is part of the human condition. Here's how to cope with loneliness when it comes your way.


1. Realize that we all get lonely. It doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you or that you have to stay lonely. We're particularly prone to loneliness when we're making transitions, especially for the better. If you're changing, such as exploring new alternatives and paths for yourself, you're bound to get a little lonely as you look for people who share your new interests and thoughts.
2. Call or get together with the people you know, even if they aren't who you want to be with right now. Human contact makes more contact easier. This includes your mother and the guy at the deli counter. Talk until the feeling eases. Make as many calls as necessary.
3. Get involved in anything where you will meet people. If you are very shy, find a group for social anxiety, even if it has to be online (obviously it's better if it's not). Look on places like Craig's List for activities in your area. Volunteering can help.
4. Challenge yourself to take the initiative in social relationships whenever you can. YOU ask the person if they want to chat, get a coffee, whatever. Remember how much you like it when people are attracted to you.
5. Take risks about revealing yourself. Say what's on your mind, if it seems at all likely the other person will be receptive. It can hurt when it backfires, but it's worth it a million times over when it works out.
6. Befriend someone lonelier than you are. This will not be the last friend you make.
7. Remember that we are all alone inside our heads; we are born and die alone; it's nothing special. Every person who has ever lived has been lonely. Love wouldn't exist without loneliness to inspire it. Look at your loneliness with detachment.
8. Notice the difference between loneliness and solitude. Imagine this is the last day you will ever be alone. What would you do?


* Forget about the 'perfect' friend or lover. Connect with anyone around you.
* Set up social activities when you're not feeling lonely. Anticipate.
* Read literature and go to museums/theater/dance. Art reaches inside.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

sweet quotes

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

How to Meet Your Girlfriend's Parents

Have you ever been in the nerve-wracking situation of meeting your girlfriend's parents for the first time? Afraid of what impression you will make? Follow these instructions and you'll surely be invited back for baked ziti dinner night.


1. Dress to impress. Going to meet someone's parents in your vintage, hole-ridden, acid-washed jeans and Che Guevara t-shirt that you got from the thrift store the other day for three dollars probably won't get you their utmost respect. This doesn't mean wear a suit - just be presentable (e.g. a polo shirt or t-shirt that doesn't spread the Communist agenda).
2. Park your car in front of their house, and lock both doors. This will be explained later.
3. Be confident. When you meet them for the first time, give them a firm handshake. Nothing says "I can't take care of your daughter" more than a limp-noodle handshake. Not to mention, when it's firm, it shows you mean business. All men-who-mean-business use the firm shake, sometimes with an additional forearm grab. If you are feeling brave, throw in a pound. If you are feeling brave and foolish, try a low-five.
4. Make good conversation. One of the most pivotal parts of meeting anyone - parents, girls, the president - is the conversation. If you have mastered the art of conversation, you are a deadly force just waiting to disarm parents at every turn. Use anecdotes and, most importantly, well-timed (and appropriate) jokes. Timing is the key--an ill-timed comment could be the difference between "father-in-law" and "law-suit". Take lessons from your past experiences; i.e., look at your conversations with your ex-girlfriend's parents (see, that's EX-girlfriend for a reason).
5. Be prepared for the Q & A session. There comes a time in every first meeting where you will be assaulted with questions that end only upon the submission of your manhood. It is very important to answer most of these questions in the affirmative, unless they begin with, "Have you ever...," "When is the last time you...," "Have you ever committed a felony..." - in which case it is best to use your discretion. Be warned that you may have to swallow your pride at times. By the end of this session, you will most likely feel out of breath, beaten, and less of a man - however, if done correctly, you will soon be on to step six. If not, a 'family emergency' might suddenly come up that somehow doesn't allow you to go out with your date tonight. You didn't even know she had an Uncle Pedro in Taipei, or that myxomatosis affected humans - but you hope he gets better soon.
6. Say farewell. This is the most relieving part of the entire parental-unit-meeting-situation, but only for the champions who have made it past the first five steps. Usually characterized by a dark, evil stare by the father as he opens the door to let you out, and accompanied by a "Have her home by ____," - in which case you respond you will have her home within plenty of time to make that deadline - this is the green-mile. Once you exit the door, it is imperative not to look back - because you know darn well that her parents are watching until you are out of sight.
7. Once you reach your car, be certain to unlock her door first, and open it for her. Turn around and flash her parents a smile while you close the door if you are feeling dangerous. Once you get in, make sure she is buckled-up and do the same, otherwise you will notice her father's face twist and distort behind the screen door. Finally, give a single-hand acknowledgment of her parent's presence behind their door, and drive away at no faster than fifteen miles-an-hour until you are out of their sight.
8. Congratulations! You've made it this far, the rest of the night is up to you. Good luck.


* Always keep a smile on your face if possible.
* If she has a curfew, bring her home a little bit early. That shows the father that you respect his boundaries. After doing that a few times, you will be amazed when you hear from him, "Stay out as long as you want. We know that you are in good hands."

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Jai Chiranjeeva

Title:Jai Chiranjeeva(Man for the world)
Cast:chiranjeevi,Bhoomika,Sameera Reddy,...
Director: VijayaBhaskar
Producer: AswaniDutt


There comes a stranger asking about Chiranjeevi's Shop, with his 50 yrs Old cycle to get repaired. Chiranjeevi's associates(tottigang including bramhanandam,Sunil,MS,Dharmavarapu) asks doesnt he know Chiranjeevi's greatness.
Chiranjeevi is poor,runs a cycle shop in cyberabad.Lives in a little hut in Jubliee Hills. Tottigang and Chiranjeevi are like family members because they are Orphans. There comes Chiranjeevi on Enticer with Brand new crocodile shirt and Louis Philip trouser.

Here is a colorful song in Slum area.

rowdies hit a small kid going on a cycle to school with their jeep. Chiranjeevi restrains them.

Here is a fight.

There is a labor roadside gal chukkama(Sameera reddy) stays opposite to chiranjeevi shop . She will looking at chiranjeevi in a different way and aspires him to be her man. There is some 5 min time so called comedy between tottigang and chukkama.

Here is a dream song for chukkama and chiranjeevi in Mongolia.

Acting in dramas is one of his hobbies and One peculiar behavior is a very specialist dancer. He will play the hero and the remaining characters by his tottigang and herione character by a stage artist. whenever he dances,rain will come(speciality of the hero). Chukkama was influenced by this peculiar dance from the begining. when the stage artist wasnt able to make out, chukkama plays the herione role which wants to be in real life also.
Another dream song in Thar desert with rain effect.
As there are no rains in the Rayalaseema region, CM requests Chiranjeevi to go to rayalaseema region and do his special dance performance there. Rayalaseema people hearing to this news gathers in crowds of tens to see the dance. He dances the special dance but there is no rain, then comes from the crowd achary(Tanikella bharani).He says there is no rain because he hasnt performed the death ceremony of his legendary father who served that land and the poor people.


He is son of the legend kodamasimham who with his dance will bring floods. kodamasimham is a leader of the tribes in the forest. He is happily married to his uncle's daughter and blessed with boy and girl.There comes godzilla which brought terrors into the lifes of the people,hearing their sorrows, kodamasimham starts hunting for godzilla to save the people. After the day search, getting tired rests himself under a tree. There comes the Godzilla, which is exactly above the tree under which he is taking rest. Suddenly it attacks, fortunately Kodamasimham friend chilaka(Parrot) shits on Kodamasimham. He readily fights with the mighty godzilla with single hand and says Kodamsimham tho pettukunte chachipotav. Godzilla throws big big trees targetting Kodamasimham,he manages to escape,after 5 min fight godzilla is killed with his penknife.

There is a colorful song with a new heroine.

He thought godzilla died, but it is injured. It damages the festive atmosphere and starts killing people. kodamasimham wife sacrifices her life to save their kid and eventually that kid was taken over by one of the tribal person and leaves the kid in a parked lorry.godzilla attacks kodamasimham from the backside while we was saving people...atlast he will kill godzilla with a pen knife and in that battle loses his life........then the people will make chiru(son of the legendary kodamasimham) as the leader of that place ....

US president daughter bhumika bush visits india.there she came to know the heroic activities of the chiru and very much interested in him.the gal will fell in love with him...then she proposes him...chiru wont agree first...then as we guess he accepts....then he goes to US to talk to the president george bush...bush wont agree and will put him in jail for loving his daughter....while the presidents of the countries attend g-8 summit. presidents of countries are kidnapped by the people from the mars Chiranjeevi comes to know that presidents are kidnapped.within a min,he breaks all the shackles and escapes from the jail.chiru will go to NASA steals the rocket and flys to MARS.his rocket will be attacked by the aliens and rocket will be blasted...dont worry...chiru wont die.....before the rocket is on fire,he jumps out of the rocket and will jump on to the venus...then chiru will build a rocket(with the basic knowledge of making cycle) within a day and leaves towards Mars...there he enters into the place silently...one by one ,he will kill everybody...he throws a boomrang that will releive the presidents from shackles...then chiru will kill all the people in the Mars...Chiru with all the presidents starts from Mars to earth...at that time the rocket willl be in trouble...the rocket will loses its direction and goes opposite to the direction of the earth...then Chiru will come out of the rocket with his body on the opposite side of the rocket and with all his strength turns the direction of the rocket and drives the rocket to reach the earth safely .

With Chiru's adventures the US president will give his daughter.

Chiranjeevi Comes out with his wife in banian and lungie and says namaste.

Jeevi Review: 4.5/5

Excellent movie with adventures,excellent songs in beautiful Slum,Mangolia.
excellent photography especially fight with dinosaur and rcoket scene.
Creativity of Chiranjeevi in preparing a Rocket.
movie with patriotism included in the second half and great heroitic actions by father and son Characters done by Chiranjeevi.

That is why he is called MEGA STAR (Mogaluturu to Erragadda Gone in Ambulance)

1 day....500 theatres.
10 days...400 theatres.
20 days...200 theatres.
25 days...100 theatres.
30 days...50 theatres.
35 days...25 theatres.
40 days..10 theatres
45 days....5 theatres.
47 days....1 theatre.
48 day....No theatre.
have a great day......

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Dear Husband,

I'm writing you this letter to tell you that I'm leaving you for
good. I've been a good woman to you for seven years and I have
nothing to show for it.

These last two weeks have been hell. Your boss called to tell me
that you had quit your job today and that was the last straw.
Last week, you came home and didn't notice that I had gotten my
hair and nails done, cooked your favorite meal and even wore a
brand new negligee.

You came home and ate in two minutes, and went straight to sleep
after watching the game. You don't tell me you love me anymore,
you don't touch me or anything. Either you're cheating or you
don't love me anymore, what ever the case is, I'm gone.

P.S. If you're trying to find me, don't. Your BROTHER and I are
moving away to West Virginia together! Have a great life!

Your Ex-Wife

Dear Ex-Wife

Nothing has made my day more than receiving your letter. It's
true that you and I have been married for seven years, although a
good woman is a far cry from what you've been.

I watch sports so much to try to drown out your constant nagging.
Too bad it doesn't work.

I did notice when you cut off all of your hair last week. The
first thing that came to mind was "You look just like a man!", but
my mother raised me to not say anything if you can't say anything

When you cooked my favorite meal, you must have gotten me confused
with MY BROTHER, because I stopped eating pork seven years ago.

I went to sleep on you when you had on that new negligee because
the price tag was still on it. I prayed that it was a coincidence
that my brother had just borrowed fifty dollars from me that
morning and your negligee was $49.99.

After all of this, I still loved you and felt that we could work
it out. So when I discovered that I had hit the lotto for ten
million dollars, I quit my job and bought us two tickets to
Jamaica. But when I got home you were gone!

Everything happens for a reason I guess.

I hope you have the fulfilling life you always wanted. My lawyer
said with your letter that you wrote, you won't get a dime from
me. So take care.

P.S. I don't know if I ever told you this but Carl, my brother was
born Carla. I hope that's not a problem.

Friday, November 04, 2005

poem on love

Its love that I live for

Its love for which I die

If anything on earth is worth standing for

Its my love for which I shall stand by

Love is the tenderness of a woman’s bosom

When enraged could raise a tempest

And flourishes like the spring’s blossom

Over the millennia had withstood many tests

Only love produces the courage

In men who fight the world

And maidens with pure hearts and souls

Who give their life without a word

Everything of this world is mortal

Except the love which is eternal

And I am proud to be a lover

For I have reason to live and die for

courtesy: 360.yahoo.com, blog of priya

Jeffrey Archer Books