Saturday, October 01, 2005

The 6-6-6 of Love

6 weeks: I love you.
6 months: Of course I love you.
6 years: If I didn't love you, I would have split a long time ago.

6 weeks: Good evening, my love, I'm hooooome!
6 months: Hi. Nice day?
6 years: Any mail for me?

6 weeks: Don't move; I'll get you a drink
6 months: Want me to get you a beer?
6 years: Well? Where's my beer, dammit?

6 weeks: Darling, it's your mother on the phone.
6 months: It's for you.
6 years: Can't you hear the PHONE?????

6 weeks: You didn't have a great childhood.
6 months: It's true that your parents are awful.
6 years: It's obvious where you got THAT!

6 weeks: Let's go to Nepal.
6 months: You really want to go to Nepal?
6 years: What's wrong with here?

6 weeks: I thought that this necklace might please you.
6 months: A vase is always useful.
6 years: Here's 20 bucks. Buy what you want.

6 weeks: What would you like to see?
6 months: What about let's seeing "Evita" instead?
6 years: I saw "Evita." You should plan to see it.

6 weeks: It's not serious; don't spoil your make-up.
6 months: Watch it, will you?
6 years: God! you're clumsy.

6 weeks: I'm not really in agreement with that.
6 months: Now there's where you're wrong!
6 years: Are you stupid or what?

6 weeks: And besides, you're a great cook.
6 months: What's for dinner?
6 years: Sheesh! pasta again?

6 weeks: What would you like to drink?
6 months: I want a bourbon on the rocks.
6 years: Sheesh! You forgot the ice... again!

6 weeks: That dress looks good on you.
6 months: Another new dress?
6 years: You're not going to wear THAT, are you?

6 weeks: Let's go visit your parents.
6 months: Not this week. I've got work to do.
6 years: How were your parents?

6 weeks: Ooops. You made my hard drive crash, love.
6 months: Sheesh! You could be more careful.
6 years: Don't ever touch my computer again!

6 weeks: I mowed the lawn. Ain't it neat?
6 months: I don't have any gas for the mower.
6 years: This weekend, it's your turn.

6 weeks: You're right, it could use a dash of salt.
6 months: This is a little blah, eh?
6 years: You're just as bad a cook as your mother!

6 weeks: Mmmmm. That perfume drives me crazy.
6 months: Don't you think the perfume is a bit strong?
6 years: Sheesh! Did you take a bath in it?

6 weeks: I made reservations at a cool restaurant.
6 months: No, really, I'm just not hungry tonight.
6 years: No, I'm not coming in late. Why do you think so?

6 weeks: I brought home your favorite movie.
6 months: You're sure you want to watch that?
6 years: Sheesh! Not during the football game!

6 weeks: Tonight, we're going out like lovers on a date.
6 months: Do you care if Maury stays for dinner?
6 years: So what if it's ten of 'em.? These are my PALS!

6 weeks: I like Chinese lit, philosophy, and modern poetry.
6 months: Have you seen my MAD magazine?
6 years: You forgot to bring me a TV Guide!

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