Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Freebies are costly

a married couples got a letter through post. Inside that there were two complimentary first-class tickets of a new movie in the town's best cinema hall.

The following question was asked in that letter "Guess who sent this? Let's see whether you can identify it".

The couple put substantial effort to guess the sender's name but in vain.
Still, they watched the movie on the scheduled date and came back home.

They got shocked when they opened their house. All the expensive & valuable things were stolen.

There was one letter in the house as well. After reading "By this time you should have identified who gave you the tickets" written in that letter, they yelled with anger...
"Oh God...! They are bloody robbers "..
"Whoever gives freebies to voters is to loot them later. There is nothing free in this world except air that too until trees are there".

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