Thursday, February 25, 2016

India shining

Interesting info but how our eyes are closed with other things

While the JNU fracas and fiasco is being played out in the media for almost two weeks, this is what also happened

a) India struck a unique oil deal with UAE, which will land it 4 Million barrels of oil almost free after 5 years.

b) Indian Railways auctioned scrap for almost Rs.3000 crores through an online auction that is transperant and therefore scam free.

c) The MakeinIndia event in Maharashtra saw commitments of Rs.15.2 lakh crores. Even if we assume a 10% conversion of those commitments, there are possible investments of Rs.1.52 lakh crores.

d) First batch of 800 cars have been shipped from Chennai port to Kandla. Seaway movement  of cargo within the country was not permitted under law. The present government changed that law. This would result in transportation costs dropping to almost 1/3rd from Rs. 1.50 per kg per km to Rs.0.50 per kg per km.

Good work is happening in the country. The government may not be working at a pace you desire, but it is working - away from the noise and hubris of the news channels !

Four Important News that media should have been specially covered this week,  but were not at all mentioned by Press, hand in hand with Congress, as they are busy in terrorising people with news of intolerance, creating situations of suicide and such silly childish gimmicks misusing student community.


1. World Bank has appreciated our Prime Minister Narendra Modi's favourite Project 'CLEAN INDIA' and announced support of 1.5 Billion Dollars for the project.

2.  The 'Nuclear Energy Agreement' between India & Japan has been applauded by 'IEA- Inventions for Energy Alternatives' supporting Solar Energy Exploration and announced that with this collaboration India will achieve a GREAT MILESTONE in the use of solar energy that will be exemplary to the whole world.
3. Within the next one year GOOGLE is going to provide Free Wifi Service in 100 Railway Stations and are going to train 20 Lakh Android Developers which means that 20 Lakh Youth will get the JOB OPPORTUNITY.
4. Henceforth CBSC Books will be available online for FREE. Central Minister Smriti Irani has planned this special project.

When media and News Papers have lost their CONSCIOUS FOR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, Indian citizens have to take this responsibility to reach this message to maximum VOTERS REGARDING THE PROSPECTS NAMO GOVERNMENT IS BRINGING FOR THEM.

Definitely, you will also carry out this responsibility as I have done by sharing this message with you.

We have responsibility towards Future Of India.

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