Saturday, February 06, 2016

Chitragupta's problem

Chitragupta's problem :

One day  Chitragupta told Bramha that he should stop this scheme that if ladies keep Karva Chauth...they will get the same  husband for the next 7 janmas.

Brahma asked, ”Why”❓

Chitragupta : .Sir, its becoming difficult to manage...
The wife want the same
Husband  👨 and the husband  want a new wife💃
Its a problem to convince both.

Bramha : But this can’t be stopped...
It’s been going on since times immemorial.
Just then Narada  comes and he suggested...
On earth, there is a great person called " Chanakya" 👳
Ask him for a solution.

(Chitragupta meets "Chanakya")

In one minute "Chanakya" solves the problem...😎

he advised .Chitragupta..
Any  wife who wants the same ..husband... tell her that,
she will also get the same  "MOTHER IN LAW".         for the next 7 lives  💀😖👹

All women screamed "oh god no!!!"

Problem solved😜😜😜

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